Evidence-based consulting, driven by
behavioral science.

All business is behavioral.

The customer and employee journey is a psychological one. Underneath all business operations is a person - a person that behaves, makes decisions, acts, thinks, and feels.

Partnering with people-minded organizations, I deliver insights using behavioral science in order to optimize business and workplace outcomes.


consulting services


ritual science

Rituals are fundamental to how humans work, create, and perform. They are ancient and psychologically powerful, and when applied effectively can uncover vast amounts of human potential, both individually and in groups. I demystify ritual by unpacking the science to drive positive impact and change.

  • improve engagement and “stickiness”

  • build strong teams and foster change

  • create culture and meaning

  • develop readiness to perform


personality assessments and tools

The purpose of measuring personality is to understand how (not whether) an individual can undergo positive change. I use psychometrically valid approaches to building and designing custom-made solutions for assessing personality traits.

  • aid recruitment and on-boarding

  • facilitate person-situation fit

  • optimize team dynamics

  • manage employee performance


talent and leadership development

The top organizations recognize the importance of nurturing talent and leadership at all levels - not just at the top. I provide science-backed tools for creating a “growth mindset culture”, with solutions that are data-driven, evidence-based, and applied at scale.

  • target appropriate skill-sets

  • develop programs for leadership development

  • instill habit formation

  • communicate a culture of growth


experimental design and nudging

There’s a shift towards positive experimental thought in modern organizations. Decisions are no longer based in subjective accounts or old, recycled frameworks. They are arrived at through experimentation and hypothesis testing. I use my 15 years in academic research to help businesses solve their toughest problems.

  • curating a space for experimental thought

  • designing valid interventions

  • structuring and analyzing behavioral data

  • nudging using choice architecture