nick hobson, phd


“Don't become a mere recorder of behaviors,
but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.”

- Ivan Pavlov

My mission & vision

use science-backed tools

behavioral nudging

experimental design

survey psychometrics

to help organizations transform

values and culture

rituals and routines

growth and talent

and see the ROI on sustainable behavioral change.

…because all business is behavioral.

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A little about me

I am an applied scientist of human behavior and psychology.


I consult, practice, research, instruct, and write on topics related to the psychology of workplace performance.

I have a PhD in social psychology and neuroscience from the University of Toronto. As an adjunct faculty, I continue to teach and do research. My mission is threefold:

  • build bridges between the scientific community and different business stakeholders

  • solve difficult problems using behavioral science and advanced data analytics

  • understand the meaning behind how humans work, consume, and interact with one another